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Here is an opportunity to do something that will


Impact The Community!


Help Patrick make a difference


There are many ways to volunteer,

from walking door to door to hosting fundraising events.

Here are ways you can help:


Patrick would love to attend a gathering hosted by you with your friends and family.  It would give him the opportunity to share his vision and give you an opportunity to meet your next Precinct 4 Constable.  Please click the "Host" button below, complete the form, and we will coordinate a date and time with you.  Thank you for your support.


Volunteering is the heart and soul of a great political campaign.  Whether it's walking door to door, making phone calls, or standing at the polls asking voters to vote Quincy for Constable, every effort matters and is greatly appreciated.  If you are interested in one of our many volunteer opportunities, please click the "Volunteer" button below, complete the form, and we will add you to our team and notify you when opportunities are available.  Thank you for your interest in joining our team.


Funding a political campaign can be an extremely expensive task.  And with approximately 120,000 registered voters residing in Precinct 4, support from people like you is invaluable to help us spread our message to all of them.  Every donation is greatly appreciated no matter how big or small.  We want the community to know Patrick's vision, and with your help we can show them why the right choice for the future of Precinct 4 is Quincy for Constable. 

Join the Patrick Quincy Campaign

Patrick Quincy

5614 W. Grand Parkway S. Suite 102


Richmond, TX 77406

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